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What are you drawing?

So one of the things you must know about me is that I'm a Christian. I couldn't do life very well in my own strength without the wisdom, grace and guidance of God though His word. Faith causes us to wonder about a lot of big questions surrounding our lives and I actually find drawing a very peaceful and thoughtful process and a way of switching off to the outside world. It helps me to pray and it causes me to ponder and to think, and so I may share bits and bobs of thoughts along the way with you on this blog (you've been warned :P)

Here's one such thought from a while ago I just wanted to share:

I think it true that we are all a little bit like this pencil. We'll all wear out one day, but what are we spending our lives on that is altogether good and honourable? What are we drawing? We all have so much potential and I believe (...for the bible tells me so :)....that God has made each one us creative just like many respects we're just like every pen, pencil, paint brush or pot of paint...and we get the potential and privilege to make and create beautiful things through our lives with those around us. That is a gift in and of itself!

...and we all need sharpening up every once in a while to remind us of it!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” (Dr Seuss).

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